Meet the Hotline Volunteers! – Senior Planet from AARP

Meet the Hotline Volunteers! – Senior Planet from AARP

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month! To celebrate, we’re highlighting the Senior Planet Hotline 1:1 Tech Tutoring volunteer team which is made up of older adults from around the country who share a passion for helping others get the most out of technology.  

This invaluable team is a go-to resource for helping participants trouble shoot their tech issues or learn more about using a device or program during one-on-one Zoom sessions.  

Let’s meet a few of the volunteers… 

Tim, 66, Texas 

Why do you volunteer for the hotline? 

I enjoy helping people using my experience with lots of technology and software.  It’s a good feeling at the end of a tech support session when people have a breakthrough and know what they did to help resolve the issue.  It’s like the old proverb about teaching a man to fish.   

Andi, 68, Illinois 

Why do you volunteer for the hotline? 

As a former elementary education teacher, technology executive and in retirement a former Apple Retail Specialist, I love seeing the lightbulb go on when someone “gets it.” I am passionate about helping people be less afraid of technology.   

What does “aging with attitude” mean to you?  

Aging with attitude means living life to the fullest and embracing the wisdom gained from years of experience.  I try to approach each day with a positive mindset and learn something new every day.   

Steve, 68, Florida  

Why do you volunteer for the hotline? 

I enjoy using my time and skills to volunteer for organizations that focus on improving people’s lives.  Volunteering for Senior Planet helps me use my technology skills to help people accomplish what is important and helpful to them. I also volunteer as an instructor for AARP Driver Safety courses.  I am thankful I have the time, skills and capabilities to volunteer.   

What does “aging with attitude” mean to you? 

Aging with attitude to me means not letting my age direct my life. Recognize how my life experiences have prepared me for this retirement stage of my life. Look for ways to expand my experiences and use my acquired skills and knowledge to help my fellow mature adults get the most out of their senior life.   


For tech assistance, call Senior Planet’s Hotline, Monday through Friday, 9am to 8pm EST. 

Photo: (left to right) Tim, Andi and Steve

Pam Hugi is Senior Planet’s Community and Advocacy Manager. Based in Brooklyn, she is a contributing writer for this site.

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