Understanding Anemia in Aging

Symptoms of Anemia in Aging:

– Fatigue – Weakne – Shortness of Breath – Pale Skin – Dizzine

Common Causes of Anemia in Aging:

1. Iron Deficiency 2. Chronic Kidney Disease 3. Vitamin Deficiencie 4. Chronic Inflammation 5. Bone Marrow Disorder

Iron Deficiency Anemia:

– Causes and Symptom – Diagnosis and Treatment Option

Chronic Diseases and Anemia:

Understanding the Link – Managing Anemia in Chronic Illne

Vitamin Deficiencies and Anemia:

– Importance of B12 and Folate – Dietary Sources and Supplement

Diagnostic Tests for Anemia in Aging:

– Complete Blood Count (CBC) – Iron Studie – Vitamin B12 and Folate Level

Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Provider:

1. What could be causing my anemia? 2. What tests are needed for diagnosis? 3. What treatment options are available? 4. How can I manage anemia symptoms? 5. Are there any dietary changes I should make?

Treatment Options for Anemia:

– Iron Supplement – Vitamin Injection Blood Transfusions (in severe cases)

Managing Anemia in Aging:

– Importance of Regular Check-up – Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle – Seeking Support from Healthcare Professional