Get Real about Artificial Intelligence – Senior Planet from AARP

Get Real about Artificial Intelligence – Senior Planet from AARP

Artificial Intelligence or “AI” has been dominating the tech world recently; older adults are curious about it – and want info. 

In fact, getting AI savvy was among the top responses when we asked Senior Planet participants to share their 2024 technology resolutions.

From the general, “I want to learn more about AI” to the specific “[I want to] use ChatGPT each week and direct it to analyze [sic] the US Stock Market” – it’s clear older adults are eager to enter the AI age in words and pictures. 

Can you spot AI generated images? Take our quiz! 

Senior Planet’s New Artificial Intelligence programs

That’s why Senior Planet is excited to announce five new programs all about artificial intelligence:  

Senior Planet will be running all these programs as a virtual series on Tuesdays at 12:00PM EDT / 11:00AM CDT / 10:00AM MDT / 9:00AM PDT in April and May. Join us for all – or even just one! 

Why AI?

Katherine Lam Bellacero, Curriculum Manager at Senior Planet explains “We created this series because the growth of AI has – and will continue to have – great effects on how we age. Our goal is to make sure everyone leaves these classes feeling more informed about how they might want to (or how they already) engage with AI.” 

In the series, experienced Senior Planet trainers will explain AI tools that have been part of our everyday lives and explore cutting-edge applications of the technology. We’ll look at ways we can use AI tools to help with a variety of tasks from writing emails to creating artistic images. We’ll also share tips for identifying AI-generated content, best practices for using AI, and how to stay safe. 

“My favorite thing about teaching these programs are the people,” says Senior Planet Trainer Zeke Tijerina. “Some are cautious and want to understand it better while others are enthusiastic and ready to jump in. Every class is a new experience.” 

For more resources and to see all our upcoming AI classes, visit:  


Deirdre Lee serves as Director of Virtual Program Experiences for Senior Planet from AARP (formerly managing the organization’s licensing program). Based in Denver, she oversees Senior Planet’s online programs as well as the free hotline for tech or Senior Planet questions (available at 888-713-3495).

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